Can You Spot The Pornographic Version?

Can You Spot The Pornographic Version?

It was the perfect day to build a snowman.

Snow Venus - nude Or snow-woman, if preferred.

And so Eliza Gonzalez and her two children created their own snow version of the famous Venus de Milo sculpture, albeit without the head.

One neighbor evidently complained and soon the police were knocking at Ms. Gonzalez’s door requesting that she cover or destroy the nude snow woman.

So, rather than just destroying fruit of their labors, her daughter found a bikini top and a sarong to make the snow woman “legal.”Snow Venus - clothed

One of these snow sculptures is pornographic…

Can you identify which one?

The nude?

… Wrong.

The nude sculpture accurately portrays God’s beautiful design for a woman’s torso. It makes no “statement” and tells no lies.

The “clothed” version, however, definitely does make a statement.

It says that even the representation of a woman’s breast in snow is lewd. It is sexual. It is provocative. It is dangerous to our moral purity to be observed. It is, in fact, indecent.

And the sarong? Well, everyone knows that it’s wrong to see a woman’s loins uncovered… even if she is only made of snow.

That’s a Pornographic Perspective!

Only one of these two versions of the Venus de Milo insults the woman’s form it displays… the one in the bikini.

And it tells us a lie about what that form means. That lie is that the most significant thing to be observed in the female form is its sexual impact. (see this article)

Clothing the snow sculpture gives us permission—and even encourages us—to continue thinking pornographically about a woman’s body!

Ironically, it was not the artist who crafted the nude snow-woman who sexually objectified the female form, but the neighbor who complained about it! In fact, after her daughter had dressed the sculpture as seen in these photos, Ms. Gonzalez was quoted as saying, “I thought she looked more objectified and sexualized after you put the bikini on.” (See this online article about the Snow Venus.)

I think she’s right.


Pornographic Thinking Empowers Pornography

It matters how we think about the unclad human form. It matters what we think it means. It matters because how we think about it drives how we respond to it. That is simply inescapable.

I like to say it this way:

We sinfully view the unclothed human form because we have a sinful view of the unclothed human form.

— Pastor David Martin


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You also have to remember Pastor, the culture that we live in today. It’s against the law in my country and most others to be nude. That is something we must respect.

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    Our culture and our country that says being nude is illegal is also promoting the lies mentioned in this article. Now, we can either continue to objectify the human body and respect the laws…or we can protest and make them see how wrong they really are. I’m no leader and I alone cannot make a difference. But, if we have thousands or millions of others in this protest, then there’s a chance for change.

    In the late 1800s or early 1900s, table legs, piano legs, and women’s ankles had to be kept covered because men couldn’t control themselves if they saw glimpses of any of them uncovered. In the 1930s, MEN were arrested when they tried to be topfree, though they won the right late in the 1930s. The point I’m making is people CAN learn to adjust to things that are previously wrong or illegal. If that was false, we’d still be wearing the fashions of the 1800s and early 1900s and furniture with legs would still be kept covered.

    This means that people can also learn to adjust to seeing nudity in public, if they would just get past the shame they have. It worked in the past. Why can’t it work nowadays?

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