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Your Stories:


Julie: I have been hit “second-hand” by porn from both my husband’s struggles and my dad’s addiction. I want to see minds and hearts changed by the truth, starting at home with me and my own family.

David: My battle with porn started when I found it on the school bus at the age of 12. By God’s grace it never pulled me as deep as it could have. But in struggling with it for 30 years it still had control of my life by the fact that its pull was always there.  God opened my eyes to His view of our bodies (His creation) 2 years ago. I’m amazed at what He has done in my life since I’m no longer consumed with trying to fight a battle with the wrong ammo.  I am thankful to be a part of this effort to show others the truth that God has opened my eyes to. Our hope and prayer is that we will be used to encourage you in your search for understanding and freedom.

– David and Julie  been married for 14 years, and have five kids. They live in the Midwest and are self-employed in the agricultural community, love the opportunities that rural farm life gives their growing family.

Katya:  A so-called “truth” that is prevalent is that men have a problem with lust and masturbation because they are so visual. I can tell you from experience that women can and certainly do have this problem too. Your series is helping me realize that the implied teaching that was there in my upbringing was wrong and the information I was fed while a teenager and young adult is deeply flawed.  I am opening up on this blog because I think there are other women out there with this problem, and my hope is that they will stumble across your site, read my story and find hope in knowing that they are not alone. Women do have a problem with lust, masturbation, and pornography also. It’s not solely a male weakness and sin. So many times you come across help sites for men and how they can deal with sexual sin, but women are left in an abyss of darkness and shame because so few people realize or sympathize with the fact that we suffer sexual sins also. We are often afraid to admit we have this weakness. But the truth is we aren’t just objects of sexual desire for men, we are sexual beings created by God to have valid, sexual needs of our own. I don’t necessarily believe that women are less sexual by nature, it’s just that for thousands of years women have been taught that it’s not feminine to like or desire sex or nudity. On the other hand, men and boys have been taught and programmed to believe that it’s expected of them to be enthralled by the naked female form and the act of sex.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the effort to help set both men and women free from these lies. God bless you and continue on with your ministry. It truly could do miracles for our deceived nation.

– Katya  is a midwest mama who loves to write and wants to see people set free from pain and addiction.


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Thanks so much MCAG for your openness, honesty, and service to the church. I’ve found your message about the body enlightening, interesting and freeing! Bless you!

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