Women’s Beach Volleyball… AGHHH, I Can’t Look!!

Women’s Beach Volleyball… AGHHH, I Can’t Look!!

Kerri and MistyThey’re wearing bikinis!

My wife and I enjoyed watching the Olympics. As volleyball fans, we made a special effort to watch as many of the beach and indoor matches as we could.

One day, while watching Kerri and Misty continue their Olympic “undefeated” streak, one of my 11 year-old son’s friends came to the house. He ambled into our family room, and upon seeing the ladies playing volleyball in their two-piece “bikini” outfits, this prepubescent boy let out an involuntary yelp and fled the room.

What just happened???

Can it really be that we are so thoroughly indoctrinating our children with a sexually objectified view of the female form that—before they even know what sexual feelings are(!!)—they have learned to treat the sight of female skin as evil… or dangerous? … disgusting? … a sight to be fled?

The simple sight of human skin has been falsely defined as a forbidden sexual experience. And when we treat it that way, that’s exactly what it becomes!!

Fast forward a few years and guess what it’s going to be like when porn reaches that young man for the first time (and reach him, it will)… that first adrenaline-laden exposure to nudity will trigger a powerful sexual experience that he will remember the rest of his life.

How do I know? I still remember when it happened to me…

… and so began my own 30+ year struggle with porn.

Moms and Dads… if you want to inoculate your kids against porn, make sure their first and only exposure to the unclad human form isn’t from pornography.

— Pastor David Martin


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Me too I struggled many times watching college volleyball girls I want to see it different!

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