Becoming a Christian

Becoming a Christian

The members of the team are unapologetically Christian… which means that we believe in, trust, and follow Jesus the Christ. What we believe about Jesus is found on the We Believe page of this site.

We believe in Jesus because we needed to know about God… and Jesus best tells us who God is.

We believe in Jesus because we needed to know who we should be… and Jesus best shows how humans were created to think, feel and live.

We believe in Jesus because we are painfully aware of our sin which separates us from God and we needed to know how to be reunited with our Creator. Only Jesus has made that possible by paying the penalty for our sin.

Becoming a Christian is simply responding to God, acknowledging that you have these same needs, and by turning to Jesus as the One who meets those needs. Simply tell God that you do so (that is called “prayer.”)

God’s Word directs us to read the Bible to grow in our faith, and find other believers with whom to pray, study, talk & work (check out Hebrews 10:24-25). This helps us grow into the people God intends us to be—because none of us can go it alone.

And we here at MCAG want to be part of that group of “other believers” as well.


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