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Begin With Prayer — We believe that the truth presented here is God’s truth. We believe that it is biblically, historically, culturally, and anthropologically accurate, but its power will be most fully realized if God is active in your heart as well. Ask Him to reveal to you the truth He wants you to understand. Ask Him to help you open your heart to truths that might be difficult to accept at first. It has been our experience that until God does that kind of work in someone’s heart, they may not be able to “hear” what we have shared here.

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Read the Story — If you have not yet read the story which inspired the name of this site, we suggest you start with The Chain.

Meet the Team — We have included some introductory information about the MCAG Team (Our Stories) along with a little more details about our lives as it relates to pornography. You might find that this information gives you a little better context for the articles that we’ve written for the site.  Up above, you can click to navigate and find out Our Purpose, What We Believe, and learn more about Becoming a Christian. There’s a special page just for the ladies, too!

Read the Articles — Go to the Articles section of the site to find the meat of what we hope to communicate with you. Using the navigation buttons at the top of the page, you can navigate to each of the articles. We do suggest you read them in order, as they do flow conceptually from one to the next. Each article contains a link at the end which will take you to the next article in the sequence.

Open God’s Word and Explore the Context — As you read the articles, you will see that every Scripture reference is linked to where you will find the verse that we are referring to. We want you to read the verses from the Bible, rather than just taking our word for it (Scripture links always open a new window).

Write To Us — If you’ve read all the articles and you have some honest questions, we have included a Contact page where you can send a general question to us, or perhaps to one of us in particular.

Share Your Story — Finally, if God has used the truth found on this site to deliver you or someone you know from pornography (whether you found it here or elsewhere), please write to tell us about it (use the Contact page). In time, we’d love to post a page of Your Stories!

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— The MCAG Team