Part 2—The Lies

It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble.
It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.

— Mark Twain —

The Lies We Have Believed:

Lie #1: The unclothed human body is primarily sexual in nature.
Therefore: To see another body unclothed is a sexual event.

Lie #2: The automatic and natural response to the sight of an unclothed body is sexual arousal.
Therefore: The best strategy against lust is to limit the opportunity to view the unclothed body.

Lie #3: To be drawn to the sight of nudity (beyond your spouse’s) is a perversion.
Therefore: We must make every effort to eradicate this perversion from our hearts.

We’ve talked quite a bit now about how it is truth – not a strategy – that sets us free from the bondage to sin (John 8:32). We’ve talked about why traditional strategies to lust addictions fail.

We’ve presented a false perspective of our bodies that we have called “A pornographic view of the body.” We’ve contrasted that with the biblical view which calls us to see our bodies as being in the image of God. The contrast between these two perspectives is quite obvious, and it is in these contrasting views that we can discover several significant lies that are part of our cultural (and theological) belief systems.

We’ve addressed how pornography uses the creational goodness and attractiveness of our bodies as the hook to draw us to its product where it distorts the beauty and drags it through the mud of objectifying other human beings and spending their beauty on self-gratification.

The lies that keep us bound to pornography have already been pointed out, but I would like to collect and summarize them here, then offer some more comments about each one, along with the truth which renders them powerless.

In truth, all three lies are closely related and the belief in one generally betrays a belief in them all. Yet they are worth looking at individually.

Now, Let’s take them one at a time: Lie #1




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Steve Van Bruwaene

Love the new site format. Noticed a few broken links…

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    Thanks Steve. We made the transition late last night, so I’m still correcting a few bugs. Glad you love it!

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