Part 1—The Truth

Men stumble over the truth from time to time,
but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.

— Winston Churchill —

Ready for Freedom?

As was mentioned in our Purpose page, the bondage of pornography in our culture is literally epidemic. It is a silent invader that will ultimately destroy the lives, relationships, and credibility of all who fall prey to its allure. And, sadly, the church is little better off than the society at large—even though we have the absolute truth of God’s Word, and the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. Something is desperately wrong.

Yet, even though it is acknowledged as a significant problem, there are surprisingly few ministries that address it directly, offering help in obtaining freedom. The ministries that do exist only touch the lives of a tiny percentage of those that are struggling. A cursory examination of the few websites which offer instruction and accountability will reveal that there are thousands who have signed up for them, but very few post regularly.

The simple fact is: These ministries and methods are not working.  Lies are as deeply entrenched as our bondage to sin so we’re going to take a different approach.

Why should you expect anything different from this website? Certainly not because we are “smarter” or “stronger” or “wiser” than anyone else… Each of us on this team—completely independent of the others—has by the grace of God been shown a different understanding about who we are as human beings, and how we have been subject to an almost universally accepted lie in our culture, and yes, even in the church. To our great surprise, we each have been delivered from the allure of pornography as a result.

We didn’t even understand why or how at first, but through lots of research, study, prayer and contemplation, it has become very clear to us. The reason for the changes in us is both simple and astounding. It may prove difficult to accept, however, because the lies we’ve all believed have been so deeply entrenched within us. Not coincidentally, the lies are as deeply entrenched as our bondage to sin. And those who are personally in bondage to pornography know just how deep that can be.

A Powerful Weapon

The path to freedom is in truth.That is the only weapon this website has to offer.

The good news is… truth is enough!!

You will find in the articles that every Scripture reference is linked to a source ( where you can read it on-line. We have done this for two reasons. First, because the Bible is really our ultimate source for truth. Secondly, we want you to read it there for yourself. We are not just “proof-texting” so we encourage you to study the passages in their context.

The articles on this site each can stand alone, but they are also progressive in nature… with later articles referencing earlier ones, and building on the ideas already presented (if you have not read The Chain yet, we recommend you start there).

Here are the articles you will find on this site, with a short synopsis of each. It is recommended that you read these in the order listed.

Battling Pornography —What Doesn’t Work – Why the traditional strategies for fighting the addiction to pornography fail.

Battling Pornography —What Does Work – The biblical basis for finding freedom through truth rather than another strategy.

The Pornographic View of the Body – How the Christian church and the Pornography industry share an identical understanding of our bodies… and how such a view within the church is really quite recent.

Addiction to Pornography – How pornography capitalizes on the goodness that God created into our bodies to allure us to its ugliness.

The Imago Dei – The biblical perspective on our bodies as crafted in the Image of God.

The Lies That We Have Believed– A six-part summation of the lies we have believed, and the truth that renders them powerless in our lives.

Just getting started? Go here: What Doesn’t Work


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Thank you so much for sharing your insights with me. I’ve been struggling with this addiction for a long time but especially in the last 13 years of my retirement with access to all the websites that feed of the pornographic view of the human body.

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    Jack Wilson-Beals

    Bob, thank you for your honest post, though I am seeing it nearly two years after you posted your thoughts. Thank you for your vulnerability and honesty. I know the prison of porn myself. I was addicted for 22 years. I have been free now for nearly 25 years. It is a miracle. Part of what keeps me free is staying immersed in what My Chains Are Gone teaches. I hope I can be an encouragement to you if you want to reach out. May God continue to bring you greater and greater freedom!

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