Women are People, Too

Without a doubt, the pornography industry is making an intentional effort to get women to see nudity as primarily sexual.  This keeps division between us and promotes a blanket of shame for both sexes.  Both women and men are impacted by the pornographic view of the body and many women stand in the darkness and the shadows.

Women are no more nor less visually stimulated than men–perhaps not exactly in the same ways or manifestations–but the myth that a pornographic view of the body only affects men needs to be debunked.

More and more women are becoming drawn into the mire and the exaggerated emphasis that is given to the male-dominated pornography problem has shamed many women into silence with their struggles.

However, lies are still lies, and the truth is still truth – for men and women.

Ladies, welcome to MyChainsAreGone.org.  Please take what you read here and apply it to your own life as appropriate.  May the Truth Himself set you free.

– The MCAG Team


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