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My Story: Pastor Mike

Although I admit the rare occasions of visiting a porn store, sitting in the booth, or purchasing a magazine, I have not been overly involved in pornography. After my wife died, I rented a couple movies to self-comfort. But, for the most part, pornography has not been a serious problem in my life. I’ve not experienced the compulsive addiction others have. For that I’m grateful.

That, of course, was before I had a computer. Now that I am both retired, living alone, and have a computer it would be easier than ever to access porn. But I don’t. Why not?

Some might suggest that at my age of 73, with the libido being low and the hormones on the crawl that old men like me might be even more inclined to view porn in some kind of frantic, misguided attempt to “recapture” their youth.

Though I have good reasons and opportunity to view pornography, I don’t. And this is why. I discovered the truth about the natural goodness and beauty of the unclothed human body and it has totally changed how I see things. This attitude has changed my view of sex, and given me a love for people without the temptation to lust. Because that is so, pornography has no draw for me.

I have come to a deeper appreciation and acceptance of my own body as God created it. That body acceptance has allowed me to relate better to people without the underlying lust that so many experience. The Redeemed View of the Body has changed my view of sex, and given me a love for people without the temptation to lust. I could say so much more, but this must do for now so to help you know me a little better.

— Pastor Mike

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