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6 Responses to Start Here

  • Do you guys do seminars or do you have anything on DVD?

  • This website is very valuable. The focus seems to be on men who have become bound to pornography. There are some other categories that I think deserve attention.

    1. How do we raise children so that they can deal with the lie of pornography?
    2. I am loathe to demonize and condemn masturbation but truly orgasm is addictive and experiencing it as conveniently as one can alone can create a bondage that doesn’t need ( but frequently welcomes) pornography. How do we teach youth to learn how to reserve these sacred feelings?
    3. Men with a masturbation habit (whether or not they end it at marriage) can make demands on their spouses that are not sustainable and paradoxically put distance between them when sex should bring closeness. How can we teach men to prioritize their relationship over their orgasm?
    4. I find social nudism (at private AANR naturist resorts) to be healthy and liberating. But I came to it late. My wife is supportive but does not participate. Talking to other nudists, it doesn’t seem that they were raise their children to enjoy social nudism. What are the opportunities and pitfalls of raising a family in a social nudist environment? One thing is certain: it cannot be done without including Jesus Christ in the family.

    • Thank you for your comments. Let me briefly address your 4 points.

      1. Pastor David Hatton has offered a couple of blog posts that address the topic of raising children.

      2. Many things (food, alcohol, adrenaline) are addictive when misused. The fact that something can be addictive does not mean that it should be avoided at all costs. Also, you call orgasm a “sacred feeling,” but I’m not sure how you can assert or assume that. Oddly enough, the experience of orgasm is not even mentioned in the Scriptures! I believe we have to be very careful “adding to” God’s Word when God obviously chose to be silent on the matter.

      3. When you call it a “masturbation habit,” I take is that you are referencing someone who has imbalance in their life with reference to masturbation. Most likely in such a case, it’s been engaged with pornography with all its false representations of sex and women. I submit that it is THIS that will engender unrealistic or demeaning “demands” upon a spouse. The message of MCAG is that sexual fulfillment is based upon relationship rather than sight. If this truth is embraced and lived, then I think it addresses your concern as well.

      4. We are careful at MCAG not to actively promote social nudity, but you are right about the fact that it can be a healthy thing and God may indeed lead a Christian to engage in it in righteousness. To be sure, such an experience will tend to accelerate the comprehension and solidification of the truths that we proclaim at MCAG.

      Thanks for writing.

      Pastor David Martin

      • Hmmm, The articles on MCAG are nothing if not body positive. Perhaps you never said it explicitly but if the body is a gift of God then it’s feelings and functions have their ordained place. If childbearing is a godly thing, ejaculation must be as well. Is sacred much of a stretch?

        To be sure, I believe that it should be reserved for the marriage bed absolutely and exclusively and I would suggest, without necessity or constraint, that couples who consider all the implications could choose to reserve ejaculation to the intention of procreation.

        I don’t suggest that we condemn youth with a masturbation habit to hell. But I do think that masturbation is as false as pornography. Young men typically find that orgasm with masturbation is more pleasurable than orgasm in sexual intercourse. They have more control of every aspect. They also can summon the feeling on demand rather than wait for the interest and availability of a partner. Thus in marriage they become demanding and they become sensation seekers. Excessive demands by one spouse poison a relationship and many of these demands were cultivated by youthful habits.

        Christians cannot condemn pornography and wink at masturbation. But we must not cultivate shame either. Until we are willing to talk about the godly management of sexual feelings , we condemn our youth to ambiguity and sha

        You are doing a good work here but I urge you to take it a step or two further.

        I would also encourage you to obtain Alice Stockham’s book on Karezza.

        • Al, Thanks for your comments.

          For what it’s worth, I believe that it is MUCH more destructive to require adherence to man-made rules for righteousness than it is to masturbate.

          The bible does not forbid masturbation. It does not regulate ejaculation. It does, however, warn us against adding to God’s word and creating man-made behavioral rules and call them “God’s rules.”

          For you to personally determine that you will reserve ejaculation to your time with your wife is fine. But to assert that it is God’s will for all men is something I cannot endorse.

          David Martin

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