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porn-starI was in a online forum recently where someone posed the question in the title of this post. There are a lot of people today who really see no harm in porn. So… they ask… why is porn wrong? This was my response:


Porn is wrong because it tells lies.
  • It lies about the human form.
  • It lies about the meaning of sex.
  • It lies about relationships.
  • It lies about responsibility.
  • It lies about beauty.
  • It lies about the source of value in a person.
  • It lies about the purpose of life.
  • It lies about sexuality.
  • It lies about morality.
  • It lies about being a father or a mother.
  • It lies about the importance of Family.
  • And because it has such a false understanding of the human body, porn is lying about God Himself, for we are made in His image.
That is—in part—why pornography is wrong. — Pastor David Martin =========================== For more on this topic: The Lies We Have Believed Feel free to Leave a Comment on this post. Please share this blog with others…

We exist to glorify God!
Paul said that whatever we do, we should do for the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). Jesus made it clear that He is very concerned about our thoughts and motives (the “why?”) as well as our actions (Matt. 5:28). Consequently, we would be prudent to assess ourselves by how much our activities, actions, thoughts, or motives glorify God. If we’re coming up short, we need to figure out why and pursue change.
How should we glorify God?
Good question! I’ll get back to that in a minute. Let’s start with exploring how God glorified Himself in the very beginning… when He handcrafted the first man and woman. When God created us (Gen. 2:7), He created us as a naked man and woman (Gen. 2:25). He then pronounced the naked pair, “very good” (Gen. 1:31)! I suspect that since He took the time to evaluate His work and say that it was very good, He feels rather proud of His creation. That which He saw pleased Him. Or stated another way, the very sight of naked humanity glorified Him! However, for centuries, the world—while seeing the magnificence of creation—has failed to acknowledge God as The Creator. Paul clearly articulated the consequences of disregarding the Creator in Rom. 1:18-32. The list is long (about two-dozen) and sordid. Sadly, even bible-believing Christians have fallen far short of glorifying God in response to creation… particularly when contemplating the unclothed human form!
How should we glorify God?
So… how can we glorify God when we see the beauty of the naked human form? Lusting after images created by pornographers surely doesn’t glorify God. The pornographers want us to “worship” sexuality of the human body with the result that our focus is on His creation (the naked form) rather than on Jesus the Creator. Paul’s words of warning clearly apply to such a perspective. But do we as Christians do much better? The common religious view is to deny that the naked beauty crafted by the Creator can result in anything except sexual desire (a focus on the creation). Without realizing it, we—the Church—are blaming Him for our lust. Then, because we hold that God-dishonoring view of the naked human form, we compound our error by creating all sorts of man-made rules about nakedness that have the appearance of wisdom, but in reality, only result in more “fleshly indulgence”  (Col 2:23) Ultimately, refusing to give God honor and praise for His crowning creation does not glorify Him. Both the pornographer’s perspective and the “religious” perspective fail to glorify God as the Creator…  and for the same reason! (You might want to read that last sentence again… it’s a shocker…) Let me say it another way… Pornography and the standard “religious” perspective believe only in the sexual impact of the sight of a naked human body; neither sees the glory of God there.
How should we glorify God?
Sunset.Water-gray-smallWe need to take our focus (thoughts, motives, and responses) off the creation and honor Jesus as the Creator. Give Him praise as Creator when we see a woman. Praise Him for the shape and color of her eyes. Praise Him for how He created her lips, her neck, her breasts, her waist, her hips, her legs. If I listed all her attributes for which I should praise Him as Creator, this blog would never end. The bottom line is thisyou will never be free from pornography until you begin to see the Glory of God in the naked human form. The “Image of God” glorified Him in the beginning… it still glorifies Him today, and if we don’t see it, the sin is in us, not His divine artistry. — Bud =========================== For more on the porno-prudish view of the body, see, “The Pornographic View of the Body” Feel free to Leave a Comment on this post. Please share this blog with others…