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You Know Someone…
Someone you know is struggling with pornography…
  • They spurn it.
  • They sneak it.
  • They reject it.
  • They seek it.
  • They hate it.
  • They fantasize about it…
  • They fight it.
  • They fall… again… and again… and again…
That “someone” might be you.
Know Anyone Set Free?
But… do you know anybody who—though he once struggled—has been set completely free? Or more important… is there any strategy against porn that really works? For everyone? There are a lot of people who really love the Lord… but still struggle. They want desperately to be free, but just can’t seem to break it. They’ve tried everything, only to still find themselves allured back to the filth. Why is this seemingly so universal???
No Lack of Strategies
We’ve all heard them. They are promoted by all the right people. Strategies like:
  • Memorize Scripture.
  • Get a good filter.
  • Join an accountability group.
  • Bounce your eyes.
  • Take every thought captive.
  • “Gouge out your eye” (figuratively speaking).
  • Enroll in a program.
But, which of these strategies actually works? Which one will truly change the heart of a man and set him permanently free from porn?

None of them!

If any one of them worked for everyone, all the guys who genuinely wanted freedom would gravitate to that one, and they’d be lining up to tell their stories of deliverance. But that’s not what we see… is it?
These Strategies Must Fail
Do you know why all these strategies fail? They’re all based on a lie. Just about every strategy you’ve heard of or tried is based on a false—even pornographic—understanding of the the unclothed human form. That understanding is a lie. Jesus told us that freedom from sin bondage comes only by knowing the truth (John 8:32). In other words, these strategies fail because God cannot bless them! They must fail; God simply will not endorse the lie.
There’s Real Hope!
Jesus said the truth would make us free. If you’re not yet free, then there’s still a lie embedded in your heart… one that you really believe to be true. You will never be free so long as that lie remains. Know and live the truth… and you will be free. Jesus guaranteed it. Acknowledging that these strategies will always fail is step one. Recognizing the lies that make them fail is step two. Affirming and living by the truth instead… that’s step three. And it always works. For everyone. Rooting out those lies can be a challenge. The lies will not give up without a fight. Stop looking to external mechanisms, though; look instead at what you believe. And that’s where can help. We are not giving another “strategy.” We are a voice of truth. We are all about exposing the lies that keep men and women bound to porn, because we know that only by the truth can they be set completely and permanently free from porn’s grip. We’re living it. You will, too. Welcome to MCAG. —Pastor David Martin =========================== For more on this topic: The Chain — an Allegory and What Doesn’t Work Feel free to Leave a Comment on this post. Please share this blog with others…